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are storytellers. 

As storytellers, words are our tools.

Using nothing but words, a good writer can
cultivate anticipation, fear, joy, or surprise in
her audience.

A forceful word here and there can convey
our strongest emotions better than almost
anything else.

In this sense, dirty words are our most
evocative storytelling tools. 
I’m a writer,
and I’m here to tell your story.

This is Dirty Words.

use a big
when a
filthy one
will do.

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Dirty Words, Ltd. Auckland, NZ.  


You need a strategist to steer your brand’s story. 

I can help you answer these key questions:

    • Who are you writing for?
    • What problem will you to solve for them?
    • How are you going to get their attention?
    • Where and how will you publish?

Why are these questions important? Because 
70% of B2B marketers surveyed in 2017 s
they’d never created more content in a single year.

As online competition grows, it’s crucial to lock in
an up-to-date plan for everything you publish
Let’s make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

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Dirty Words, Ltd. Auckland, NZ.  

Get found          

Web content

Snappy, SEO-driven web copy
gets you higher
click-throughs, fewer bounces, better leads, and
more impressive customer conversions.

Ask for my help on your next copywriting job and
you’ll receive your reverse brief within 24 hours.
Together, we’ll refine your objectives and hone your

There ought to be a room in every house to swear in. It's dangerous to have to repress an emotion 

- Mark Twain

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Dirty Words, Ltd. Auckland, NZ

When a gentlemen
is disposed to swear,
it is not for standers-
by to curtail
his oaths.

- William Shakespeare

Spin a yarn          


A readable, relevant blog positions you as a market leader.
It also gets you found on Google. Small businesses with
blogs have a higher organic search ranking, and generate
126% more leads than those without.

I specialise in well-researched blog content for Kiwi brands.
Call me today to brush up your existing blog, or to 
get your first blog post underway.
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Dirty Words, Ltd. Auckland, NZ

Let’s tidy you up                        

Editorial &

Grammar checking software is notoriously glitchy.

A professional copy editor, on the other hand, can
give you the right advice about your word choice,
tone, style, and more.
An experienced proofreader,
I tidy up theses, dissertations, and articles for busy
business peeps and academics.

Click here to pass along your messy draft.

Life is
a four

 Lenny Bruce

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Dirty Words, Ltd. Auckland, NZ.